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Samantha Moon Chronological Order

July 9, 2018

Here's the chronological order of the Sam Moon series. Bold face represents the main "Vampire for Hire" series. The italics reprents the Samantha Moon short stories and poem. Anything underlined is a spin-off series. Okay, here we go: 

     "Teeth" (Short Story, Fang's back story)

New Moon Rising (Samantha Moon Origins #1, Samantha Moon's attack)
Moon Mourning (Samantha Moon Origins #2, Post-Samantha's attack)

Moon Dance (Vampire for Hire #1)
Vampire Moon (Vampire for Hire #2)

     "Vampire Nights" (Short Story)

American Vampire (Vampire for Hire #3)
Moon Child (Vampire for Hire #4)

     "Vampire Blues" (Short Story)

Christmas Moon (Vampire for Hire #4.5, Sam meets her guardian angel, Ishmael)

Vampire Dawn (Vampire for Hire #5)
Vampire Games (Vampire for Hire #6, Sam meets Allison, her new bestie)

The Witch and the Gentleman (Witches #1, Allison's series begins here)
The Witch and the Englishman (Witches #2)
The Witch and the Huntsman (Witches #3)

     "Vampire Dreams" (Short Story, Sam's first prophetic dream)
     "Halloween Moon" (Short Story)

Moon Island (Vampire for Hire #7)

     "Vampire Gold" (Short Story)
     "Blue Moon" (Short Story, in which Sam meets me, yes me)

Moon River (Vampire for Hire #8)

     "Dark Side of the Moon" - (Short Story, in which Sam...

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Kindle Worlds Closing Shop

May 24, 2018

(Please note: This message is primarily intended for those authors who contributed stories in the “Vampire for Hire” Kindle Worlds.)

Hi guys. As some of you might know, Amazon’s Kindle Worlds program is closing down. This means all stories published in the Kindle Worlds are going to be unpublished by Amazon. Yes, that’s a damn shame. Many of you have written some excellent Samantha Moon/Vampire for Hire books. Ugh.

(And, yes, all Kindle Worlds are shutting down, not just Vampire for Hire.)

Anyway, as many of you know, these “fan-fiction” books were published through Amazon’s Kindle World portal, where all royalties were split between the author, Amazon, and the rights holder (me). Additionally, the books were protected by some pretty strict guidelines, including securing all my rights to Sam Moon and her world. With such guidelines in place, Sam Moon's world (and other Kindle Worlds) were opened up for others writer to play in. It was a fun way for some of you to reach new readers and explore the world of Samantha Moon.

So, what to do with these soon-to-be unpublished books? That’s a tough call. I have thought about it, and this is what I think is best:...

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5/14/18 - Moon Bayou - New Version Released!

May 14, 2018

Happy Monday! Yes, it’s just after midnight and officially Monday here on West Coast! Been working hard on Vampire Sire (Vampire for Hire #15). Boy, I am so excited about this one. The story really took me down a few unexpected roads, and I love when that happens. With luck, I will have this one done by the end of this month.
Then, it’s on to Night Run (Jim Knighthorse #5). Yes, Jim is back... and he’s not happy about waiting so long for his turn. I’m not happy either. I vow to keep these books coming, at least one a year. The last book was... geez, December 2013! What the what?? Ah, so weird how time flies.

Of course, I still have my many side projects with my many co-authors. There’s more Alexis Silver just around the corner, and the fourth and final book in the PSI Quartet. And, last but not least, Blood Moon, the second book in the Samantha Moon Case Files. Oooh... all of which are just around the corner. So, hold tight and hang on!

And speaking of the Samantha Moon Case Files, there's a brand-new revised and updated edition! And a new cover!...

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5/6/18 - What's New

May 6, 2018

Happy Sunday!

Thought it was time for another writing update, since that whole “once a week” thing didn’t quite pan out. My bad! Was it because of laziness? Or did I actually have too many projects to report on? Turns out, a little of both. You see, as I was blogging about my projects a month or so ago, I realized just how quickly some projects can come and go. For instance, I was hot—hot, I tell you—to write a new angel series. But that cooled rather quickly (not that I don’t still want to... oh, yes, I do). But it occurred to me that it wasn’t quite fair to you, Dear Reader, to report on projects that might be years in the making.


I decided to only report on projects that are imminent within a few months. So, here we go!

VAMPIRE SIRE (Vampire for Hire #15) – I’m 18,000 words into this sucker. Maybe a 1/3 done. In this one, Sam, for the first time, is about to discover who attacked her and why...

DEEP SILVER (Alexis Silver #2) – Matthew Cox and I are "deep" into this one, heh heh.

BLOOD MOON (Samantha Moon Case Files #2) – The long-awaited...

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3/30/18 - The Drifting Gloom - Now Available!

March 30, 2018

Happy Friday! I'm excited to announce the release of my latest novel!! The Drifting Gloom is the second book in the Maddy Wimsey Witch Detective Series. And when I say witch, yes, she's a real practicing Wiccan. There aren't a lot of thunderbolts here (okay, maybe one). No, this is real ritual magic, and real life murder cases. And boy-oh-boy what a case Maddy finds herself on this time! Check it out below:

Magical forces don't always play nice. In fact, they can be downright evil.

Life is going fairly well for Detective Maddy Wimsey. At thirty-five, she's an accomplished detective, practicing Wiccan, has a wonderful relationship with her long-time boyfriend, and even a much-needed vacation after dealing with a cursed gem.

Alas, her break doesn't last long.

A creeping darkness interrupts the solace of the woods with a supernatural vendetta against her coven. Maddy had opened a particular can of worms looking into the past, and the entity has decided to make her a target.

With a deadly supernatural entity on the loose, the last thing she needs is for her day job to get in the way, but a new murder case lands right in her lap at...

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3/25/18 - Writing Update

March 25, 2018


Happy Sunday! Yes, I missed a few weeks, and that’s because I was deep into finishing work on The Drifting Gloom. Alas, I have realized that I can’t keep to a weekly writing update, which is why I am going to simply call it a Writing Update and not hold myself to any schedule, since I suck at doing that. You’ll notice that I rarely have pre-orders available. Why? Because I hate deadlines. I much prefer to do what’s called a “live release,” which means the books get published hot... mere days after their final edits.

That said, The Drifting Gloom (Maddy Wimsey #2) is done! My oh my, I think you guys are gonna love this new witch detective book. It’s dark and creepy and very fitting for a witch homicide series. Expect it to be released in about 6 days! It’s going through final edits now!

I’ve decided to streamline what I talk about in the writing updates. In particular, to only discuss the books I’m currently working on. Like most writers, I have a bunch of other projects going on. No need to burden you with all of those, especially as I shift...

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3/7/18 - Weekly Writing Update

March 7, 2018


Happy Wednesday! Yes, I missed my Tuesday target. Sorry about that! Okay, so what’s going on with me? Work is progressing nicely on The Drifting Gloom, which is the second Maddy Wimsey witch detective book. Truthfully, it should have been done by now. I have no excuse! (One of the reasons I’m doing these Weekly Writing Updates is to keep me on track.) And just this morning I caught myself tinkering on yet another Samantha Moon short story (this one called “By the Light of the Moon”). I shelved it and got to work on Vampire Sire. The “cold open” to this one is going to be different. No Judge Judy intro, but something just as fun. In the opening, we learn that Sam’s sister, Mary Lou, is writing a vampire novel of her own, haha. So fun. I might have cracked myself up. You'll also note below that I decided to make Vampire Sire my main "solo novel" focus.

What else? Last night was the season finale to Kevin Probably Saves the World. Things just got interesting, sadly. I say sadly because there’s no word yet if the series is getting renewed. Fingers...

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2/27/18 - Weekly Writing Update

February 27, 2018

WEEKLY UPDATE: 2/27/2018

Happy Tuesday! I’m back with my Third Weekly Writing Update! Okay, so what’s going on with me? I’ve still been on a kick with helping friends and family republish/clean up their books. It’s rewarding work for me on a personal level, but doesn’t result in too many of my own books getting written. That said, work is nearly done on The Drifting Gloom, which is the second Maddy Wimsey witch detective book. Such a fun and creepy book haha. I think you guys will love it. By the way, we now have a cover! Check it out here. Also, I’ve been working on the next Sherlock Holmes novel. Sadly, I had to set the latest Sam Moon story aside. I’m torn: should I finish the Sam Moon short story or write her next novel? Any thoughts? I know my audio publisher wants the novel, so maybe I’d better get on that! FYI, a really big project I’ve been working on these past few weeks is my brother’s mega-series, Immortal Warriors. We combined three of his series (Vampire Love Story, Entwined and Secret Guardians) into one 18-book superseries. A lot of work,...

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2/20/18 - Weekly Writing Update

February 20, 2018


Happy Tuesday! I’m back with my second Weekly Writing Update! Okay, so what’s going on with me? Been helping friends and family with their own publishing this week, getting lots of great books out there for you guys to read! I spent some time updating my older books (like adding Table of Contents). Recently, I read Chapter Two of The Grail Quest and wasn’t happy with it haha. So, I went back and re-wrote that chapter and re-uploaded the book. It’s a stronger scene now, I believe. Let’s see... my brother, H.T. Night, just finished up his latest Samantha Moon Kindle World book (these are fan-fiction stories published through the Amazon “Kindle World” portal). My bro’s book is called I, Samantha Moon, and I think you guys are gonna love it. It’s the first in a new “Moonlighting” series, which will chronicle Sam’s early years as a HUD agent.

What else? I’ve been watching a new show called Kevin Probably Saves the World. Wow, what a super cute and heart warming comedy/drama. Jason Ritter (son of John Ritter) is a wonderful actor... a natural, physical comedian. The show is about angels, sort of. Mostly it’s...

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2/13/18 - Weekly Writing Update

February 13, 2018


Hi guys! J.R. Rain here with my inaugural Weekly Update! My goal is to post these every Tuesday. Should be a fun snapshot into my writing process. I will mostly be focusing on my solo works. My co-authored projects will get a passing mention, as those tend to take on a different pace than my own writing.



DEAD MOON (Vampire for Hire #15) – The next Samantha Moon novel. This book was supposed to be called Vampire Sire, but I swapped it out for Dead Moon. Why?? Because I wanted to introduce zombies into Sam’s world. No, not the lumbering, mindless kind (although some could get that way). With Dead Moon, you will be introduced to Mindy, a college student in need of some extra cash. She really, really shouldn’t have volunteered for that clinical study in that remote facility just outside Riverside, CA.

2/13/18 – Word Count: 7,000 words

Projected release date: May 2018


MR. INVISIBLE – A standalone mystery novel about, yup, an invisible detective. I just started it last night. So far... I’m enchanted by the story!

2/13/18 – Word Count: 400 words

Projected release date: Summer...

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